References Theatres, Opera Houses, Events

Here is a selection of theatres, opera houses and concert halls, where our systems are installed.

Rarely customers would like to purchase the software only to install and configure on existing or from other companies shipped Audio PCs by themselves.

Most of our customers prefer a Complete System Built and configured by us.




Pina Bausch Dance Theatre, Wuppertal



Ensemble of Berlin, Berlin



Hamburg State Opera, Hamburg



Play Cologne, Cologne



State Theatre (Opera), Hannover


Baden State Theatre, Karlsruhe



Hessian State Theatre, Wiesbaden



Theatre, Augsburg



Theatre, Heidelberg



Theater, Kiel




Tyrolese Regional Theatre, Innsbruck (Austria)



Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava (Slovakia)



La Compagnie du Hanneton (James Thiérrée), Anost (France)




Hakata-za Theater, Fukuoka



Meiji-za, Tokyo



Minami-za, Kyoto



Misono-za, Nagoya



National Engei Hall, Tokyo



National Theatre Okinawa, Okinawa



National Theatre, Tokyo



New National Theatre, Tokyo



Shinbashi Enbujo, Tokyo



Shinkabuki-za, Osaka



Shochiku Show Biz Studio, Tokyo



Shimane Civic Center, Shimane